A Dental Articulating Paper Red and Blue Thick and Thin

  • Dental Health Materials
  • OSA-W13B
  • Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Class II
  • Dental Articulating Paper Red and Blue Thick and Thin
  • CE/ISO
  • OSA-W13B
  • as picture show

1. Blue Thick: Adding the wearable filaments in the basic paper, assure that they will not be bitten off. The reticulalte basic paper can lock the pigments with maximize.

2. Red Thick: Newly hydrophilic pigments formula enable the production of the red articulating paper. The dentists use the red and blue occluding paper to see the change of the occlusal surface before and after treatment.

3. Blue Normal Thickness: This is the most widely used model. it’s softer and with better flexibility than traditional articulating paper so that it can be closely integrated with the teeth grooves to reduce the possibility of misjudgment.

4. Blu Thin: This thickness is half of teh thick articulating paper. The patients will feel more comfortable while biting, and it can offer the biting trace more accurately.

5. Red Thin: It is used in the process of wearing fake teeth, to check the matching degree of the teeth crown with gums.

6. All teeth type: It is used in the examination of full mouth bite, the dentist can find the biting side of the patients immediately.


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