Reciprocating Cordless Dental Rotary Endomotor

  • OSA-E13-3A-LED
  • 9018499000

Reciprocating Cordless Dental Rotary Endomotor

The endodontic motors are devices designed to facilitate the endodontic process, since they allow the use of mechanically driven files. This allows the endodontist a greater speed and convenience in the preparation of the endodontic canals.

OSA-E13-3A-LED is an endodontic operation instrument. OSA-E13-3A-LED function is a kind of endodontic micromotor to drive Ni-Tiinstruments. It can assist the dentists to shape more standard root-canal in the press of root-canal treatment based on the micro-electronic control technology. OSA-E13-3A-LED can held in hand to operate and cordless charging. This unit contributes to alieciate the dentist’s working intensity.


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